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FiteBac® is a breakthrough technology skincare product that is both a long lasting hand sanitizer and a luxurious skin-softening gel.

Hand Sanitizer Facts - Why Choose FiteBac?

Once you know all the facts, FiteBac Hand Sanitizer is the clear choice.

FiteBac Hand Sanitizer kills 99.97% of germs.

FiteBac Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer soothes dry, irritated skin which can result from regular use of alcohols, foams, soap and water.

FiteBac’s ingredients form a hydrophobic barrier to help block water, dirt and other contaminants.

Take Better Care of Your Health and Skin

  • Alcohol-Free 
  • Long Lasting
  • Doesn't Dry Out Hands
  • Patented & FDA-Compliant
  • Hospital Grade


​If it's alcohol-free, then what's protecting me?

Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK).

The FDA currently allows three possible active ingredients to be used in hand sanitizer:

- Ethanol
- Isopropanol
- Benzalkonium Chloride

Many hand sanitizers use the alcohols, ethanol or isopropanol, as their active ingredient despite the fact that they dry out skin and are only active until they evaporate (~Two Minutes).

FiteBac uses Benzalkonium Chloride. It's FDA-compliant and it's a proven active ingredient in various household products that are available today, including antibacterial soaps.

Long Lasting 

Hand sanitizer is only effective while it stays on your skin. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are effective until the alcohol evaporates, usually less than two minutes, according to

FiteBac's formulation remains on the skin for hours.

Each 3 oz. tube of FiteBac provides 350 applications.

3 oz. of alcohol hand sanitizer would only be 44 applications.

Applied three times a day, each tube will last over three months.

Better Value

One 3oz Tube of FiteBac gives the equivalent protection of Fifteen 8oz Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers. *

Savings of over $100 per year. 

*Based on size and frequency of application needed.

Won't Damage Your Skin

Frequent use of alcohol based hand sanitizers can damage your skin leaving it dry and cracked. The CDC states, “frequent repeated use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and frequent handwashing is a primary cause of chronic irritant dermatitis.”

With FiteBac you no longer need to sacrifice your skin to stay healthy.

Infection Control Product of the Year,
Seven Years in a Row!

Award-Winning Formula

​Patented, Award-Winning, FDA-Compliant

​The Exclusive Hand Sanitizer of the Hinman Dental 2021 Convention

Featured Hand Sanitizer in Dental Products Report's "Building a Safe and Efficient Practice" from March 2021.

  • “Soothing to dry skin.”
  • “Gloves go on smoothly after using FiteBac.”
  • “Hands feel soft like they have lotion on, but with no greasy residue.”
  • “This is an incredible product. Softening takes place immediately and lasts through multiple hand washings.”

Wear Gloves?  You Will Love FiteBac!

"FiteBac has been wonderful for my skin! I am a health care provider and have to wash my hands several times a day and wear gloves."

“Gloves go on smoothly after using FiteBac.”

"FiteBac is very comfortable when using latex/nitrite gloves. It goes on easily; goes a long way and is not at all greasy."

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FiteBac® - Protection You Can Feel

Our long-lasting, luxurious, moisturizing formulation spreads easily supporting the skin’s natural barrier while protecting you from germs.


FiteBac Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer soothes dry, irritated skin which can result from regular use of alcohols, foams, soap and water.


FiteBac formula moisturizes the skin while helping to supplement the skin’s natural barrier.


FiteBac’s ingredients form a hydrophobic barrier to help block water, dirt and other contaminants. 


0.1% Benzylkonium Chloride provides broad spectrum germicidal protection

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Sarah M.

I am a registered nurse working in a progressive care unit. In the hospital we are constantly using abrasive soaps and hand sanitizers when going in and out of patient’s rooms.

The constant hand hygiene along with my eczema causes skin breakdown and damages my skin barrier. I have been using FiteBac and I am truly amazed by it. I have been letting everyone at work try it as well.

Mackenzie J.

FiteBac skin care is one of my favorite products! Although its initial use is a Germicidal Gel, it also makes my hands feel soft and smooth. I work outside in the heat and my hands were always rough and cracked.

After using FiteBac, my hands are perfectly healed. I use this product everyday and LOVE the results!! I highly recommend this product over other hand sanitizers and lotions.

Kelly S.

A friend bought me a bottle of FiteBac and the first time I used it I knew it was unique – just by the way it feels.

I have tried many different and much more expensive hand lotions and this is my favorite by far.

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3 Pack Sale - Hand Sanitizer 3 oz.
3 Pack Sale - Hand Sanitizer 3 oz.

Save even more with a 3 Pack. 

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